Plants to Buy

We specialize in the sale of annuals in the form of bedding plants. Although some of the plants are considered perennials in higher numbered zones (our zone is listed as Zone 3), we produce only plants for summer blooms, or vegetables for summer production. We do not grow perennials, at least at this time. Our greenhouses are open for sales starting on May, 01 of each year and sales continue to the third week of June, or until stock is sold out, whichever comes first. In our last 43 years of operation, we have never gone beyond the third week of June without being sold out of plants. We constantly remind our customers that they should come early for best choices. We are a small family operation and are proud to say that our plants are professionally grown, of excellent quality, providing, without a doubt, the best value for the price.

We offer bedding plants, hanging baskets of various sizes, basket stuffers (“Proven Winners”) for those patrons who wish to make their own arrangements, herbs, vegetables (sold as bedding plants in containers) or pre-potted (for example tomatoes and peppers of different varieties), seed potatoes, and best of all, service with a smile, and free advice on planting your garden of joy.